Monday, October 4, 2010

New Portfolio - Wedding Hijab

1000 apology for no updates since Ramadhan. Now we're in end of Syawal. Trying my best to fulfilled all 'makan2' invitations. I wish I can fly so that I can make everyone happy. Beside 'makan2' activities (i'm gained weight again), there a lot of orders that need to be done. Currently I'm focusing on convocation and wedding celebrations.

I managed to snap few of wedding hijab photo's that made by Al Imran. Its belong to my best partner Ms Azza. She wanted a simple white tudung with a Rhinestone on the awning. Material is emboss lycra. Decoration on the surface but in the same colour. Unfortunately I miss the day, sorry yea Azza. Congratulations anyway! I just received new order from Miss Pija. 2 pcs of wedding hijab and need to be delivered on November.


Close up on the awning. Raw Silk awning with silver , crystal clear color of Rhinestone

Emboss on body material

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