Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lovely Plain

These are plains collection open for order. Receive any order for any type of hijab depends on what u like. Material are laycra and emboss laycra. Beautiful material as usual. For emboss price would be added rm5. Believe me its worth it. Happy shopping everyone!

Chille Red - 1pc available
Striking Green - 1pc available

Medium Purple - 1pc available
Purplish Brown - 1pc available
Purplish Pink - 1pc available
Milo Brown - 1pc available

Shocking Pink - 1pc available
Medium Pink - 2pcs available
Lite Pink - SOLD OUT
Lite Pink - 2pcs available

Medium Orange - SOLD OUT
Lite Brick Orange - SOLD OUT
Lite Yellow - SOLD OUT
Off White - SOLD OUT

* sorry for the unclear images.

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