Saturday, February 16, 2013

Half Moon ♥ ♥ ♥


Glad to present, our 1st collection of half moon shawl from Al Imran's. All in printed chiffon. Material are imported, easy to wear and most important is comfortable. Size is 1.75m-1.8m x 0.66m-0.7m. InsyaAllah will cover what ever should be. Only one design is using cotton silk. We will be back with material cotton silk in future with more attractive design , InsyaAllah. Enjoy our introduction price RM35, not including postage. InsyaAllah u will never regret buying from us. All design are available  at our boutique.

Stocks are limited , so hurry up!  Mucho  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Our customer wearing half moon chiffon , flower motif

The measurement/size , enough to cover chest
This is cotton silk

Code : Feb 17
Material : Chiffon Silk, based brown with flower motif
Status : Available
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 18
Material : Chiffon Silk, based blue black with butterfly motif
Status : SOLD OUT
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 19
Material : Chiffon Silk, based dusty green with butterfly motif
Status : SOLD OUT
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 20
Material : Chiffon Silk, based dark purple/grey with butterfly motif
Status : SOLD OUT
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 21
Material : Cotton Silk, based soft brown with butterfly motif
Status : Available
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 22
Material : Chiffon Silk, based soft brown with flower motif
Status : Available
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 23
Material : Chiffon Silk, tones of colors
Status : SOLD OUT
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Code : Feb 24
Material : Chiffon Silk, based purple with paisley design
Status : SOLD OUT
Price : RM35 (postage not included)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

All Time Favourite ♥ ♥ ♥ Zaara


We are presenting our all time favourite Zaara in 14 vibrant colors. Most colors are so pretty and there also new colors that never been brought by Al Imran's. New colors and also new size. We have decided to make L size since we received good feedback on bigger size. We also came out with new M size which is 45cm for front length. I love all the colors, and hope you like it too. Hurry up while stocks last. Price? Still maintain the previous price. RM35 for M and RM40 for L. Postage at flat rate RM6.  Happy shopping lovelies! 

 please note that few colors are slightly different from original colors due to photo effect.

Zaara - Maroon

Feb 01- Gable Blue - SOLD OUT
Feb 02  Fuchia, SOLD OUT
Feb 03 - Drama red, Available 1 L

Feb 04 - Mount Olive - SOLD OUT
Feb 05 - Chilli Red
Feb 06 - SOLD OUT

Feb 07 - Royal Blue - (SOLD OUT), 
Feb 08 - Golden Grain (Close to Green),Available  1 L
Feb 09 - Grape Jamboree (Close to Purple Manggis) , - SOLD OUT

Feb 10 - Dusty Orange, Available L
Feb 11- Maroon 
Feb 12 - Purple Falls, Available 1 L

Feb 13 - Sandstone, L (SOLD OUT), M available
Feb 14 - Dark Gray - SOLD OUT

Feb 15 - Dusty Rose - SOLD OUT
Feb 16 - Berry - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

♥ ♥ ♥ Our Studio


Here's a glance of view of our studio. We receive any order for hijab, shawl, palazzo and maxi skirt for bulk request. We offer a very attractive price in the market. If you have any query please direct email to I can send quotation based on ur request. But please bare in mind, all order are based on 1st come 1st served. Semua ikut queue. Average of 50pcs order are about a month. But InsyaAllah we are very particular on quality of sewing. So far all of our product comes in good quality. I'm one of the tailor, :), InsyaAllah we give the best to our lovely customer. Gud news is, we are already open for Hari Raya order. So why wait, come and order with us.  ♥ ♥ ♥