Thursday, May 22, 2014

♥ ♥ Plain Chiffon Shawl

Assalamualaikum lovelies..

Few updates on chiffon plain shawl with rectangle cutting but curve at end one side. 2 type of material being offered here, one from thick chiffon and one from shimmer chiffon. Both material are comfortable, easy to style it and fall nicely. This is one of my favourite material. I always try to give the best to my customer. The price is reasonable too. InsyaAllah...happy shopping all!

Shimmer chiffon shawl
✅rectangle cutting, wth end curve for 1 side
✅jahitan finishing yg kemas
✅only RM25 exclude postage

chiffon plain shawl
✅1.75m x 0.7m
✅thick chiffon, comfortable and falls nicely
✅rectangle cuttin wth end curve for 1 side
✅jahitan finishing yg kemas
✅only RM27 exclude postage

Monday, May 5, 2014

Single Pin & Inspired Chanel Brooch


I'am excited to bring new item as a new product. We are selling single pin for shawl and also inspired chanel brooch with very affordable prices. In fact we are already upload the photo at FB page and also at our instagram ' alimranboutique' We are also accept any request for wholesale. Email us as usuall. Thanks lovelies!

Inspired chanel brooch - small

3pcs for RM10 exclude postage

Inspired chanell brooch - RM10 exclude postage
size = old 50sen syiling 

MM04 - sold out
RM5 exclude postage

MM09 - sold out
RM5 exclude postage

MM12 - sold out
RM5 exclude postage

RM5 exclude postage