Monday, September 20, 2010

AidilFitri Photo

I'm still in raya mode, but started BZ preparing my assignment. 3 test will be held on this coming class., so hectic!.
I wore Syria type on Hari Raya. A bit of Rhinestone touch on the inner. Just simple LOVE creation. See the below photo. Simple me.

I had a few orders on the way. Will be starting most probably on next week. Cutting done. One special order for wedding tudung for my best friend, Ms Azza. She wanted a simple white tudung with a Swarovski stone on top of the awning. I will upload the photo once done.

I also have a request for ready made. InsyaAllah tudung will be send to Pulau Indah Klang. For Kak TT office mate. All the teachers. :) I really hope that all will be on schedule.



  1. salam kak jue, tini da tolong promote barang kak jue..dan juga blog tudung..ehee..