Monday, October 29, 2012

Machine oh Machine

Assalamualaikum semua,

Al Imran's cuti agak lama for Syawal which is just ended. It is time to clear all the mess inside my small studio, packing and re arrange things. I still received an in bulk order, still sewing as usual but maybe it would take a little more times than previous. Am quite busy with my new baby, my 3 active boys and my next semester will start next week. I wish I could handle all things calmly and smartly. :) 

At the meantime, I would like to upload few of sewing machine photos (courtesy from brothers) to be viewed by all of sewing machine lovers. Actually, activity menjual machine ni sudah lama saya jalankan, cumanya saya tidak begitu focus on it. Normally it just by request only. I sell Brother's sewing machine only, all type of machine. But this time, I only focus to portable home sewing machine. 

Price, description and model is still the same like on the web. But we have delivery service which is free in few area of Klang Valley. We also have pick up point if you are living outside Klang Valley. For detail, just email to me at InsyaAllah email will be attend as soon as possible.

Home Overlock 3034D

Overlock 4234D

2340CV Cover Stitch


* please note that, i welcoming any bulk order for hijabs and maxi skirt with a very reasonable price in the market. Quality will be strictly guided as usual. Please email me for the quotation.

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