Monday, October 29, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥ Little Imran - Plain

My favourite Lil' Imran collections are all in plain, but as usual if u wish to have a simple decoration such as button, flower applique, felt flower or crochet, you can simply request for it and just add another RM3 and we'll deliver straight away to you after 2 days putting an order. All are ready stocks.

Price for plain is only RM22 now RM19. A very reasonable price and yet still cheaper than other retail prices.You are entitled to get FREE SHIPPING if you buy more than 3. It is suitable for age of 4y until 10y.

If you wish to order, hurry up and please email to Email me the the code and colors you want. Happy viewing and shopping lovelies!

Lil' Imran Original Size

♥ Blues ♥ 

 01- Intense Jade (Green) - SOLD OUT
02-Florence Blue (Teal green)
03-Fresh Blue - SOLD OUT
04-Baby Blue - SOLD OUT

♥ Pink - kish♥

05-Chili Red
06-Salmon Pink - SOLD OUT
07-Fairy Light (Dusty Pink) - SOLD OUT
08-Rosy Pink(Baby Pink) - SOLD OUT


09-Purple Haze - SOLD OUT
10-Blue Triumph (Purple Blue)
11-Dark Purple - SOLD OUT
13- Folkstone Grey

♥ Yellow-wish ♥ 

14-Deep Orange - SOLD OUT
15-Lite Yellow - SOLD OUT
16-Mansion Gold (Mustard)
17-Shaded Pouch (Beige)


  1. sorry for the late reply. Yang ini tudung utk kanak@ actually. Tp klau nak buat inner neck pn boleh. ada 2 jhtn di leher. Besar dan kecik. berminat boleh email ke