Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plain Lycra, Cotton & Denim ♥ ♥ ♥ July Edition

Ladies, here are more and more collections of plain cottons and lycra for booking. You may choose ur own favourite colors. Select the colors or code then send me the detail of ur orders. Just to remind for hari raya booking last date is on 31st July 2011. Delivery period is like usual 1 week after order, or earlier. Please do not push to have an instants delivery to avoid any defect or uncomfortable once you received it. :) Kalau kelam kabut, nanti hasilnya sometimes takut tak memuaskan hati. 

Cotton Nature

Creme : SOLD OUT
Dark Choco : SOLD OUT
Maroon : SOLD OUT
Dark Blue : 2pcs available

* stripey effect on surface

Dark Purple : SOLD OUT
Creme : SOLD OUT
Mustard Yellow : SOLD OUT
Purple : SOLD OUT

Cool Lycra

Chili Red : SOLD OUT
Shocking Pink : SOLD OUT
Maroon :SOLD OUT
Dark Red : SOLD OUT

Monterrey Brown : SOLD OUT
Mount Olive : SOLD OUT
Dark Brown: SOLD OUT
Dusty Orange : SOLD OUT
Flair Red : SOLD OUT
Neptune Blue (close to turqoise blue) : SOLD OUT

Classic Denim

Taupe Pink : SOLD OUT
Cinnamon Spice : SOLD OUT
Grape Jamboree : SOLD OUT
Blue Denim : SOLD OUT
Sapphire Glow : SOLD OUT

Forest Black  : SOLD OUT
Summer Daisy  : SOLD OUT
Burgundy : SOLD OUT
Black : SOLD OUT
*not in the picture 
Maroon : SOLD OUT
Blue Turqoise : SOLD OUT

* please note that few colors are slightly different from original colors due to photo effect.

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