Friday, July 1, 2011

Karnival SRAI BBB


Lovelies, I have a gud news , Al Imran's Creations will join a carnival at SRAI, Bandar Baru Bangi on 2nd July 2011 until 3rd July 2011. I will sell all type of Hijab in many sizes. All readymades as usual are done by me. If you are free, or lives nearby, you are officially invited to the carnival. Beside booth, there are also many fun activities conducted by the school such as treasure hunt, helicopter ride, art learning classes with king of colour pencil and many more.

I will also open a reservation for custom made hijab with FREE DELIVERY to anyone interested. You can choose your own colours and types with a very reasonable prices. You just have to fill up the form with all your details. Available materials are denim, cottons and lycra. Do come and join us!

Kalau dah sampai nanti just look of our bunting. Cantik tak? :)

Not to forget, beside hijabs, i will also sell imported english cottons and other handmade product such as bags. Sewed by me also.

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