Thursday, February 25, 2010

New material from Tudung Al Imran - Raw Silk Fabric

Dear my lovely clients,

I'm quite occupied since I last post around 2 weeks ago. Therefore, there's no new updates during that time. However, alhamdullilah I managed to complete all of the orders on time. Thanks to all my clients, for your support. Any delay, a million apologize from me.

90% of my last collection had been sold out. There's a few backlogs need to be settled before coming out with the Ready Made collections. I have a new collections coming within these few days, insyaallah.

I'm trying innovate something different. My plan is to have a choices on awnings. Besides Thai Silk and cotton, i will introduce Raw Silk. Raw Silk fabric is stiffer and a bit duller, but it still glows naturally as the Thai silk fabrics but in a different way. It is possible to find raw silk fabric in many different colors.

The great thing is the price still remains but the quality is superb. Anyhow, Thai Silk is still available and can be requested. I will try to upload a photo of Raw Silk awning together with new collections later.

Just wait for the new collections announcement here and also in Facebook. Dont forget to become a fan of Tudung Al Imrans in Facebook. More and more updates are coming soon. To all of my clients, a million thanks from me.

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