Thursday, February 9, 2012

Al-Imran's update - part timer needed

Aslm all,

I hope all of you are keeping in your good life.
My sincere apologies for not keeping the blog updated for quite sometime.
It was due to time constraint lately, totally occupied for my studies and completing a bulk order.

To better handle the current condition, I'm looking for a part-timer to be an assistant in helping the job.
As usual, there will be a sewing test in order to be qualified. A reasonable salary for full-day task. Jobs availability will be depending on the order, thus the successful candidate will be called upon having a project. At the moment, only 1 (one) candidate is needed. Location is in Kajang. Interested candidate may email me at Only a shortlisted candidate will be called for an interview.

Till then, see ya on my next update.


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