Monday, June 13, 2011

Cotton's, Cotton's

Thanks for the warm response and continuous support from all of you. For the cotton lovers, these are new colors of soft cottons. Suitable for syria, shawl or zaara type. I love to see the varieties of colors. There are also 3 colors of new type of cottons and I called it cotton gum. A bit heavy, but comfortable enough for any type of hijab. So girl's and ladies, please make some order while available. ♥ ♥ *hugs*

Dark Brown -SOLD OUT
Dark Khakis -SOLD OUT
Mustard Yellow - SOLD OUT
Green Shoot -SOLD OUT

Lilac - SOLD OUT
Lite Grey - 1pc available
Dark Blue - SOLD OUT
Mauve (wrong description in photo) - 1pc available

Shocking Pink - SOLD OUT
Samarkhand Pink - SOLD OUT
Lite Grey - SOLD OUT

Chili Red - SOLD OUT
Faded Blue - SOLD OUT
Dark Purple - SOLD OUT
Purple -

Cotton Gum

Brown - SOLD OUT
Yellow - SOLD OUT
Dusty Pink - SOLD OUT


  1. hai, nak tanya harga tudung ni berapa eh?

  2. sorry lmbt reply..harga depending on sizes and material :) send me an email for the detail.