Monday, March 28, 2011

Limited of Plain Cotton Jersey ♥ ♥ ♥

Salam semua,

Untuk entry kalil ni cuma ada beberapa color sahaja yg available. Just email to make an order and insyaAllah will be completed within 1 week . Please stated in your email, type of hijab do you want. Untuk kali ni juga , i manage to get black colors. For black, the material is a bit different from others. It is more stretchable, with the texture on the surface and yet still comfortable to wear. To those yang nak order for inner neck cover pun boleh ok. Thanks all!

Black : SOLD OUT
Pure White : 1 pc available, 1pc SOLD To Huwaida

Lite Shocking Green : SOLD OUT
Apple Green : SOLD OUT

Medium Orange : SOLD OUT
Cocoa : SOLD OUT
Gold Brown : SOLD OUT

Purple : SOLD OUT
Dark Magenta : SOLD OUT
Soft Pink : SOLD OUT

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