Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Hijab For Pija

Tahniah Pija, semoga bahagia dan kekal ke akhirnya. Thanks to her, percaya saya, this is the result that I gave. Drain out of idea actually, entah macam mana terhasil yg ini. I love the yellow design so much. Its differ from the others.
For Off white, simple design but yet she's still look stunning with the crystal colors of swarovski on the awning.

Phote sent by Pija itself ( thanks a lot ), gara2 BZ, sampai lupa to take shoot on it. All done in the month of November before I took a long holiday.

Crystal clear colors of Swarovski. She wanted a simple design for her 'akad' day.

Lite yellow hijab, with a red colors of swarovski. Awning material is raw silk. Simple design on top of it.

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