Monday, April 12, 2010

New Try

Now i'm a full time tailor, i try to make few new things on my tudung. But i'm still struggling with times. Kene bahagikan masa for my study also ( still blur ). Mcm biasa abis cubaan terus ambil gambar. So as usual if u interested for this tudung, u can request whenever order made.

These 2 type of tudung i'll name it as Tudung Zaara and Tudung Saara
. I fall in love with this type of tudung pulak. Rasa sesuai dengan bentuk muka.

Tudung Zaara (M)
Awning tanpa pengeras di dlm. Awning dan body
bersambung. Will try on lycra later

Close up

Below is what i call Tudung Saara. Slim double awning. It will be more sparkle if I put Swarovski stones on the awning. X sempat lg nak mencuba. SC applicator tu da lama dalam simpanan.

I used decorative stitches for finishing. Luckily that my machine have more that 50 decorative stitches. But not all can be used for tudung and must suit with the fabric used.

It will be additional only RM10 for decorative stitches. Once order is confirm I will email or MMS the pattern.

Tudung Saara (S)

Close Up

Close Up
Its really suitable with cotton jersey.

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