Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to order?

1. For any inquiries, please submit to :

2. Please describe the desired item e.g. name/code/qty etc. Do not forget to provide your real name AND your mailing address too.

3. Deposit of 50% is required from your total order costs.

4. Kindly email proof of payment or you can add my email address in the space provided (during internet banking) so that I'll get the bank transfer notification during transaction.

5. Once your orders are ready for shipping or self-collect, please pay the outstanding balance plus shipping costs within 48 hours together with proof of payment.

6. All ordered items with paid deposits are non-refundable unless fabrics is out of order.

7. Payment can be made via Maybank or CIMB. The account number will be given through email.

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